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London airports about to add nearly 30 million new passengers

London airports about to add nearly 30 million new passengers

London airports about toadd nearly 30 million new passengers

To respond to the growing demand, two of London’s biggest airports have plans to expand their services to almost 30 million more passengers. Stansted and Heathrow have announced that their plans don’t necessarily require extra runways and that they are in talks for increasing their capacity in the near future.

Manchester airport

According to Manchester Airports Group, owner of Stansted, the hub of Ryanair plans to apply to raise a cap on annual passengers numbers to 43 million. Adding 17 million more travellers than last year, Stansted will likely reach the targeted numbers in the early 2020s and only with one available runway. London’s airport services and capacity seem to be doing really well since Gatwick, Britain’s second busiest airport was able to handle 45.6 passengers in 2017 with also a single landing strip.

Heathrow airport

For Heathrow, Europe’s busiest airport, the plans include an extensive expansion to increase the capacity in terms not only of travellers but also planes. Already in the middle of a consultation period to add a third runway, Heathrow’s goals to operate bigger aircraft and optimise flights could possibly add 12 million passengers, reaching a 90 million customer tally.

Heathrow saw its passenger count increase by 3.1% last year to 78 million, the fastest growth in five years, as airlines used larger plane models.

Our international Copperstones team has welcomed the news since we feel that London airports could enhance the experience of international travellers and cater to the needs of high-net individuals we invite to our offices in London.

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