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New exhibit showcases history of Battersea Power Station

New exhibit showcases history of Battersea Power Station

New exhibit showcaseshistory of Battersea Power Station

The history of Battersea Power Station is now available to view in a new, public gallery for the first time in the area, staffed with former workers.

Battersea Power Station is worldwide, global landmark. It was famous in London for providing over 20 per cent of the city’s electricity. It is Europe’s largest brick building. It became known internationally, after it was included in the cover art for English rock band Pink Floyd’s Animals album in 1977.

The new exhibition, located under the railway arches nearby, is the project of group of workers from the power station’s peak era.

The project comes with a new initiative by the** developers of Battersea Power Station** to track down any historical artefacts, story, documents and memories of the power station when it was still producing energy in the early 20th century, as well as any other stories.

While there will be some preservation of the interior of the power station, not all of it will be publicly accessible or will only be viewable during galas and shows in the new event spaces.

Instead, this new exhibition is interactive and the public can watch films and timelapses, see scale models of the station and interior rooms and equipment and learn about future plans for the area.

The new Heritage Trail app is a new augmented reality feature that can appeals to younger residents and visitors, and pops up with unique and interesting information based on your location in and around Battersea Power Station.

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