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Revealed: London’s rooftop buildings cover more space than Hyde Park

Revealed: London’s rooftop buildings cover more space than Hyde Park

Revealed:London’s rooftop buildings cover more space than Hyde Park

Roof gardens in London’s skyscraper gardens, homes and offices has overtaken roof gardens in Tokyo and Singapore, covering 371 acres – bigger than Hyde Park.


An architectural trend

Battersea Power Station Rooftop Garden

David Attenborough’s Netflix series, ‘Our Planet’ has had an effect on architects and planners who are beginning to combat climate change by optimising green space on top of skyscrapers.

An example of this sustainable design movement includes Sky Gardens, designed by Carey Jones Chapman Tolcher.

There will be two extensive gardens in the sky, as well as individual winter gardens for residents from which to enjoy the panoramas of Central London.


Battersea Power Station

Outdoor pool and garden area, Battersea Power Station

Battersea Roof Gardens has plans to build a 1,200 ft-long roof garden, designed by James Corner, the landscape designer who created New York’s High Line linear park.

To the west of Electric Boulevard, the gardens will be on top of the entire building, and will allow redstarts (an endangered species of bird) to prosper.

It is expected the gardens will be an important feature, to encourage social cohesion among the international residents. Trees and large plants will be anchored as a wind barrier, protecting the flora.

Gardens and real estate value

Yopa found that:

A well-maintained garden can add a chunky 20% to property value, that’s a massive £60,000 based on the current average UK price

Furthermore, a study in ACS, in the Journal of Environmental Science & Technology, found that placing grass, climbing ivy and other plants in urban canyons can reduce the concentration at street level of nitrogen dioxide by as much as 40%. Microscopic particulate matter can reduce by 60% ; ideal for city dwellers.


The future of rooftop gardens

Sky Gardens, Nine Elms, SW8

In 2019 there will be 76 tall buildings joining London’s skyline. The number of towers of 20 or more storeys that are planned or under construction has also hit a new record of 541.

London’s population has increased by around 650,000, an annual increase of around 120,000 a year, according to Trust for London.

Luxury real estate developments like Sky Gardens and Battersea Roof Gardens are dealing with this population increase by optimising space, combining nature with modern design.

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