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Sustainable living in Dubai and how you can achieve it

Sustainable living in Dubai and how you can achieve it

Sustainable living inDubai and how you can achieve it

The recent influx of development projects in the Emirate reaffirms that Dubai is the fastest growing city in the world. But will any of these projects contribute to the sustainable goals set by the Emirate? Sustainable design is often sacrificed on the altar of lower cost. However, there is a way to have sustainable residential development at a reasonable price.

Copperstones is proud to introduce Imperial Avenue to its portfolio in the UAE, a residential tower that combines impeccable design with sustainable living. Developed by Shapoorji Pallonji Group, one of India’s oldest diversified Business Groups with a rich legacy of over 150 years, Imperial Avenue will make a statement in Dubai’s residential market.

Located in Downtown Dubai, Imperial Avenue will offer magnificent views of Dubai paired with exceptional facilities that will enhance the living.

Here are the five technologies that Imperial Avenue will introduce to the residents that will improve their experience and the environment:

Solar panels

Can it get sunnier than in Dubai? Everyone who lives there or has visited the Emirate has experienced Dubai weather and knows the answer to this question. Sun is in abundance in the Emirate, thus it can be used for power or cutting down on other energy spendings. The Shams Dubai initiative, by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa), aims to have solar panels on all rooftops across the emirate by 2030. Imperial Avenue in Downtown Dubai will be one of the luxury residential developments to have solar panels on its rooftops. By this, residents in Imperial Avenue will have a centrally heated water supply the natural way. Solar panels will help maximise space, save energy and reduce electricity and maintenance costs significantly.


6D BIM, which stands for Building Image Model process, has been introduced for the first time in MEA through Imperial Avenue. The advanced residential project in Downtown Dubai has adapted this transformational technology that will bring down maintenance costs for the residents. Fred Mills, Co-Founder of BIM, explains that it enables building operators to determine costs and pre-plan maintenance activities years in advance due to the highly developed data given upon project completion. BIM is currently the Holy Grail of construction and Imperial Avenue residents will fully enjoy its benefits.

Greywater treatment

Did you know that in every UAE household, up to 30% of clean water consumed is used just to flush the lavatory? Clean water is undeniably a very precious commodity in Dubai and experts call for an immediate cut down on water consumption.

Imperial Avenue in Downtown Dubai is being built on the principles of sustainability, with the goal of providing advanced living solutions to the residents. As a result, Imperial Avenue will be the first residential building in Dubai to use greywater treatment. “Water issues are very important for the UAE. We are spending a lot of money on desalination and all the other infrastructure that goes with it,” says Professor Abdallah Shanableh, an environmental engineer at the University of Sharjah.

The greywater treatment plants in the development will recycle water for landscapes, common areas, car wash and toilet cisterns. The technology of greywater re-use is relatively new, however, it has taken residential real estate by storm.

Water purifiers

With the obvious lack of rainfall and increasing population, water in Dubai is something that preoccupies the residents. Bottled water consumption in Dubai is a very common practice however, it isn’t environmentally responsible, not to mention the cost and energy of carrying bottles at your home every day.

Imperial Avenue, the new residential project from Shapoorji Pallonji, India’s oldest diversified group, will have dedicated water purifiers. Every apartment will have a Lux International, water purifier. Making its debut in Imperial Avenue Downtown Dubai, the Swiss leading brand will provide an exclusively patented 5-stages purification technology to ensure that water is absolutely pure, fresh and healthy.

LPG connection & high-speed elevators

Besides the advanced technologies adopted in the construction and design of Imperial Avenue, great attention has been given to these aspects that will enhance the everyday life of Imperial Avenue residents. Every apartment will have an LPG connection to optimize cooking. Shapoorji Pallonji, the established developers, move away from the electric cooking range, to introduce the cost-effective LPG range. Gas range cooking will save Imperial Avenue resident’s money in the long run since it uses either propane or natural gas, both of which are relatively inexpensive.

LPG is not only beneficial in savings but also friendly to the environment. It provides a “clean” burn with the almost complete combustion of the fuel so that there are only low pollutant emissions from NOx and very low particulate or other hydrocarbon emissions.

To ensure residents will get home safe and fast, Imperial Avenue will have 13 high-speed elevators at their disposal. With a top speed of 4 meters per second, residents can go from level 0 to level 45 in approximately 44 seconds, non-stop.

If you are looking for a sustainable home in the heart of Downtown Dubai, call us on 08 445 555 555 to book your first meeting.

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