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Five ways to help you spot the next emerging neighborhood in London

Five ways to help you spot the next emerging neighborhood in London

Five ways to help you spot the nextemerging neighborhood in London

Are you looking for a property with a stellar value in an emerging neighbourhood? Buying a home in an emerging area could benefit you financially if you “flip” the property or it can also provide you with a steady monthly income if you become a buy-to-let investor. Our team here at **Copperstones**agrees that real estate is all about finding the perfect property in the best location at the best time.

Londoners, in particular, show great interest in ‘fringe’ neighbourhoods that are about to become the next ‘big thing’. There are plenty of areas in London under regeneration that are bound to attract middle-class families and middleweight investors. There are also large-scale projects built on millions of pounds set to attract foreign investment.

To guide you through the emerging neighbourhood trend we have gathered five signs to look out for when searching for the next hot location:

Connecting the dots

One of the most valid ways to assess a neighbourhood’s potential is to look at the current and upcoming transportation links. Connectivity is key when it comes to property investment and home buying. As soon as new transport options are introduced, the housing options increase along with the house prices. Take, for example, Nine Elms, whereby 2020 two new Underground stations will be introduced through the Northern Line Extension. The development already offers diverse transport options via a newly built river boat pier in Circus West Village.

Business as usual

This one might not seem very related but actual job openings indicate growth; not only for the companies but also for the neighbourhood the company is located in.

If you have been looking at a property in an area you are not sure about, just search if any businesses are springing up there. Employment opportunities usually bring with them new shops, new buyers and renters. For example, Battersea Power Station will house the new Apple Campus. This massive single office deal is guaranteed to bring on board more companies joining the development. Who wouldn’t want to become neighbours with Apple?

Cranes in the sky

Construction isn’t always pretty, but when a project comes to life it is the perfect proof of human ingenuity. Construction means actual growth and a clear vision of the future. For example, from an aerial photo of Nine Elms, you could see the borders between old houses and new developments merging, to bring to life this renewed part of London. Regeneration projects are a magnificent chance for those who are looking to scoop up promising real estate.

Popular demand

When a neighbourhood hits the local news then it is good for the residents but when it hits the international stands then it is time for the investors to take over. The vertical uprising of Nine Elms has gained international media prominence and is bound to gain some more as the construction moves further. Battersea Power Station, at the heart of the Nine Elms regeneration, is a British cultural landmark and the inspiration for various cultural references such as a Pink Floyd album and Batman movies. However, the development will seamlessly combine its legacy with the advanced design to guarantee a fine riverside living.


The potential for travelling, meeting new people or getting the special spa service from your favourite hotel are definitely aspects that can increase the neighbourhoods’ value. Properties within a luxury hotel radius instantly increase in value. London has had its fair share of amazing hotels spread across the capital however, there is always space for new ones in this eclectic city.

To be specific, not one but three hotels are going to be opening soon within the Battersea Power Station development. One of them will also feature a majestic rooftop pool with a bar.

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