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What’s the future of London going to be like?

What’s the future of London going to be like?

What’s the future of London going to be like?

What’s the future of London going to be like? Between Brexit negotiations, an ever-changing political landscape and the perpetual aspiration to become an advanced city of the world, London will rise above the occasion.

Copperstones was first established in London, 14 years ago and since then we have been proud London delegates in numerous international exhibitions and conferences that celebrate this incredible city.

Today we take a look at some major future projects that will aim to transform London.

Clean air

Mark your calendars for 2040, because this is London’s deadline to eliminate air toxicity once and for all. Did you know that London’s roads still regularly breach emissions limits while poor air quality is recognised as the cause of 10,000 deaths a year? Set to be launched sooner than 2040, a new tool will let Londoners demonstrate demand by mapping where they want to see EV chargers. For petrol and diesel vehicles to get off the road, a solid infrastructure for electric cars has to be in place.

Future London, an initiative dedicated to elevating London’s quality of life is also looking to cities such as Oslo, Paris, Los Angeles and Shanghai for their solutions. Brainstorming and new business plans are highly encouraged while London takes steps to become ‘greener”’


Have you ever thought of a GP overnight service? The NHS in London is an incredible resource, a global leader in innovation and research. In this 24-hour city where demands increase by the hour, technology could provide a solution. London is also home to some of the most ground breaking tech companies in the world, leading in AI for patient care, management and diagnostics. With this combination, healthcare for Londoners could enter a new era of advanced services using data and technology. This could mean further training for doctors and nurses, better control of healthcare records from patients or even new opening hours.


Did you know that the UK has nine million unskilled workers competing for four million unskilled jobs, whereas there are only three million skilled workers competing for 15 million skilled jobs? London is considered one of the most prominent pools of international talent across the globe. However, we can do better. In association with Google Digital Garage, the Skills Project will engage everyone in new learning and upskilling, no matter at what level they are, and no matter what they do — whether they work in offices, run their own businesses or are looking to raise their game. This will be a free project aimed at those who haven’t updated their skills to match the digital age. The tech-world is here ready for Londoners to take over.


Plastic straws were banned, now what? London led the way for the revolutionary plastic straw ban and has become an inspiration to other major cities, such as New York. Besides biodegradable straws, there is a lot to be done in London. A new initiative by BEE will see a new London midtown built on sustainability practices. Holborn, Bloomsbury, St Giles, Farringdon and Clerkenwell will be the areas of focus, were simple solutions and campaigns will deliver amazing results. The key to the campaign is the encouragement of good practices through small things in cafés, restaurants, bars, shops and offices, where usually we see more waste.


London has an undeniably strong cultural identity. Known around the world for its amazing museum and galleries, its cultural diversity and its rich heritage, London’s ideals have been compromised lately. The economic downturn, crime outbreaks and the transformation of the high street have been evident to all Londoners. What do we do to return back to the heart of London? A project by Edwardian Hotels London will commence a culture trip to unify citizens and champion all the things that make it thrive.

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