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Why real estate investment is the best decision you will ever make

Why real estate investment is the best decision you will ever make

Why real estate investment is the best decision you will ever make

How easy is it to secure one’s financial future? While political uncertainty and constant changes in the international landscape loom over individuals, a savings account won’t provide financial stability anymore. Real estate, a tangible investment option, is where individuals put their money on so they don’t see their funds lose their value. Over the long term, property investment will be a pool of increasing funds available to you at any time.

Copperstones has made a comprehensive list of why real estate investment is the best decision you will ever make.

1. That extra monthly pay

The obvious reason to invest in real estate is the cash flow – this money will be an added monthly income for you to dispose of however you like. It’s the perfect opportunity to take some time to rethink your financial future and professional aspirations, while you essentially have a passive income. Cash flow from a real estate investment is a reliable source of income that allows you to pay the bills and ultimately get you through uncertain financial times.

2. Tax? No, Please!

There’s almost always a tax benefit for real estate investors. Every country has its own rules and regulations, so we advise investors to look up the tax frameworks and decide accordingly. For example, Dubai is the ultimate property tax haven. When you purchase or sell property in Dubai – residential or commercial – there is a one-time payment of the land registry fee which is 4% however, there is no capital gains tax, property tax, or even personal tax. Governments traditionally reward rental property owners, so buy-to-let investors can take advantage of the benefits to gain lower tax rates.

3. Inflation ‘shield’

Inflation can become a financial nightmare, but real estate investment will work as a hedge against it. While owning property won’t protect you from mind-boggling price increases, it will help you overcome them. Specifically, if you have a fixed-rate mortgage, prices may skyrocket but your monthly payment will stay stable, allowing you to take a breath during turbulent times. In the meantime, following the inflation trend, rents and property values will go up, ultimately adding value to your investment and potentially increasing your wealth.

4. ‘Mind’ Control

But why is real estate such a solid and reliable investment? Owning real estate means being in control of your future. Market fluctuations may always happen but the property is still a property, standing there as an evergreen income source. It’s up to you as a buy-to-let investor and owner, to increase the value of your assets.

6. The new ‘piggy’ bank

Things happen in life and property is there to help you go through them. Whether you are a multiple property owners, a buy-to-let investor, or a luxury property owner, consider your investment future-proof. The beauty of real estate comprises the option to cash out at any time. As the sole manager of your assets, you can use your property as leverage by taping the equity you have built up. The secret here is paying down your mortgage, an arrangement that should be covered through funds from rent payments. If you need help managing your property Copperstones has a reliable team of property managers, specializing in managing assets for overseas individuals. Contact us to learn more.

7. It is a journey

General belief likes to think that it’s the journey that matters and not the destination. However, in real estate, it’s the other way around. Buying real estate won’t make you rich overnight but it will enable you to build your wealth over time. As a matter of fact, it is a lot like a business. Nurture leads to maturation, which leads to a guaranteed profit. Patience is a must in this real estate journey as well as strategic planning. Millions of people have seen their real estate investment paying off.

If you are looking for investment opportunities in Dubai, Copperstones offers exclusive units in Al Barari, One Palm, and Imperial Avenue. Contact us on +44 203 888 5555 or enquiry(at)copperstones(dotted)com to learn more including exclusive payment options and floor plans.

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