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7 reasons why you need to consider buying a new build home

7 reasons why you need to consider buying a new build home

7 reasons why you need toconsider buying a new build home

Exquisite interiors, sweeping views, luxury benefits, energy efficient attributes, bespoke design and a growing community within a lively neighbourhood. If that sounds like the home of your dreams then you really need to find out why a newly built home would be ideal for you. From choosing between interior designers’ colour palettes to opting for a fully fitted equipped kitchen and having UVA floor-to-ceiling windows, investing in off-plan has never been so optimal.

Here are the seven reasons why you need to buy a new build home:

1. Higher Energy-Efficiency

According to the Home Builders Federation (HBF), occupiers can save around £600 a year by living in a new-build property thanks to modern construction techniques that optimize energy-efficiency. Living in an energy-efficient home won’t only save you money but also contribute to the fight against climate change. For example, the Hoola development in East London is an eco-chic two-tower residential development featuring 1,2 & 3 bedroom apartments and magnificent views over the River Thames.

The riverside development offers super-insulation, prevents overheating and acquires heating and hot water by the shared energy network from the ExCel, London’s greatest exhibition centre. Adjacent to Crystal, a building initiative operated by Siemens to explore sustainability alternatives in the cities of the future, Hoola presents the epitome of urban sustainable living. Landscaped gardens, communal green spaces and UV floor to ceiling windows have been placed inside Hoola to decrease its footprint.

2. Less Maintenance

New build properties are ideal for those who do not want to lift a finger. Especially for individuals that maintain a busy lifestyle, a new home can be a great solution without sacrificing their time nor the amenities. Once completed the new owners can move in immediately into a new build home. Equipped with the latest technology in appliances and interior aspects, a new home will only demand from you to start this new chapter of your life gloriously.

The homeowners can rejoice their investment since our portfolio consists of off-plan properties that are developed to their highest standard and designed by world-class teams. For example, a 1-bedroom apartment in the ultra-modern Hoola development in East London is available and ready to move in featuring integrated appliances, carpeted bedrooms, fully fitted kitchen and cooling system. Properties in Hoola were designed to cater to the lifestyle of busy clients while upholding the level of urban luxury

3. 10-Year Warranty

New homes rarely present issues or need repairs however it is in your interest to know that every new build owner is eligible for a 10-year warranty which will cover your expenses should any problems arise. Upon completion, you will receive the 10-year warranty that guarantees the quality of the construction and the property you have invested in.

4. The personal touch

Always dreamed of picking out your wooden floors and colour schemes? If yes, then a new home is ideal for you. An off-plan property will offer you the chance to have your say while construction is underway. There is a wide variety of options new owners can choose from such as add-ons or fixtures to personalise to your desires.

Battersea Power Station homeowners have access to refined colour palettes, upgraded kitchen material and bathroom specifications. Being an active agent to your home’s creation will make you feel empowered over your purchase and highlight that this is the start of a new life.

5. Views to choose from

Off-plan properties are famous for their flexibility even when it comes to the view from your living room. With us, you can choose the neighbourhood but you can also choose the views. Benefit from our extensive off-plan portfolio and select your dream home based on the features that matter to you the most such as the view, the floor level or the style.

For example, a 2-bedroom family home in Prospect Place at Battersea Power Station can offer you magnificent views over the Electric Boulevard, whereas a 3-bedroom home in Battersea Roof Gardens will enjoy sweeping views over the Power Station and its iconic chimneys. The high-level of the specification that comes with buying an off-plan property is definitely worth the wait.

6. No Upward Chain

Chains are meant to be broken or even better not involved in the search at all. Choosing to buy an off-plan property will not involve an upward chain that can make the process a nightmare. Keep away the stress from the fear of the deal falling apart at any time, the prolonging of the process or even the sudden changes in the market. This is another reason why new homes represent a viable advanced solution to the real estate stagnation.

7. Investing in growth

Buying an off-plan property simply means that you choose to invest in growth. Copperstones portfolio showcases properties around the world and especially in London that elevate urban living standards. The Battersea Power Station regeneration is a historic project that transforms the iconic landmark into a new exciting neighbourhood in London. We believe that supporting local businesses, building a strong community and commissioning art and culture initiatives is the way forward for future generations to live by.

It’s not by accident that Apple has signed an impressive office deal with Battersea Power Station to open the new Apple HQ in the premises. Areas such as Battersea attract forward-looking ideas and technological innovation, that can only guarantee the prosperity of the neighbourhood and its inhabitants.

If you are looking to invest in a new build home in London call Copperstones today on +44 (0) 8445 555 555.

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