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How to become a buy-to-let investor in 2018

How to become a buy-to-let investor in 2018

How to become a buy-to-let investor in 2018

Buy-to-let investing is one of the most popular trends on real estate right now. With high rental yields and a secured monthly income, individuals are always seeking new information to become an informed buy-to-let investors. Whether you are just about to enter the property investment game or you have experience in the field, Copperstones has gathered the top tips you should keep in mind when looking to maximize your profits as a landlord.

1. Rental demand

Make sure that the location of your property is popular among renters to ensure the value of your property. In the long run, this is one of the main things you should always remember as an investor. There are different areas in a city that can be of interest to an investor individual. Identify these areas and invest your funds in a property that suits your own lifestyle and beliefs. By this, you will have a smooth letting period. Cities like London, often present lifetime investment opportunities through assets that can be passed onto your children, whereas places like Dubai favor fast transactions and high returns in short periods of time.

2. Research, and then research some more

Being a landlord in 2018 demands great attention to market news and real estate innovations. Watch out for real estate trends that can help you choose a property investment that matches your finances and also provides a high ROI. Whether it is a development meant to stay or a short-term trend, weigh your options. This is one of the basic steps towards investment planning and should happen at an early stage. There is not a perfect recipe for being a successful buy-to-let landlord this is why we suggest staying on top of the news to capitalise on current market trends.

3. Maintenance

Buy-to-let investing can be a full-time job. In today’s fast-paced world, a landlord with a diversified asset portfolio could easily lose track of their responsibilities. Maintenance plays an important role in successfully generating income from a property. Copperstones specializes in managing London properties on behalf of overseas landlords. Our management style allows foreign landlords to secure their monthly income without lifting a finger.

4. Focus on your future tenant

Putting yourself in your tenant’s shoes is something all landlords should consider, especially if they are looking to increase their income. Do you have an ideal tenant in mind? Tailoring your assets towards a specific group of individuals could minimize void periods and even establish your name on the market. This strategy could also be proven beneficial when bulk buying an investment property. Students often prefer smart design whereas families generally look for generous spaces and storage. Copperstones can guide your investment portfolio in a specific direction to boost your return on investment.

Look beyond your neighborhood

Sometimes, landlords prefer to invest in a property in their own neighborhood, since they feel they already know the market. This might sound like a good decision, but it is always advisable to diversify a portfolio as a safety belt towards natural disasters, abrupt market changes to an area or simply achieving increasing yields. For this, landlords should look beyond their own town, city, or even country.

Ready to invest in real estate? Copperstones provides a complete range of investor services while specializing in bulk-buying and flipping in London and overseas. Call us on +44 (0) 8445 555 555 to learn more or email us at info(at)copperstones(dotted)com.

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