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The Power Club – Empowering Battersea Power Station’s Residents for Bespoke Services

The Power Club – Empowering Battersea Power Station’s Residents for Bespoke Services

The Power Club – EmpoweringBattersea Power Station’s Residents for Bespoke Services

Living in a developed city like London can be a lonely and overwhelming experience – but not when the developers create a project that focuses on community life, social gatherings along with exclusive experiences for all. Therefore, developers advertise a new project with a “family-friendly community lifestyle” tagline to tempt potential buyers; because a majority of new residents want to settle in such neighbourhoods where they can make friends and share snippets of their lives. The concept of creating an ideal community where residents meet, greet, and help each other is in full swing; and can be seen in high-end developments of London like Battersea Power Station.

Power Club – A versatile app

The Power Club – a residents’ only app at Battersea Power Station that was launched in 2017, as the properties from the first phase were handed over. It is a concierge service app that is designed to deliver above and beyond services. As we know that luxury concierge services aim to provide highly personalized services to high net worth individuals. The concierge simplifies daily tasks but the luxury concierge is more than simply booking travel tickets or arranging baggage drop-off. The Power Club app, a fine blend of private members’ club and luxury concierge service, takes the concept of concierge one step further and offers a fine selection of bespoke services.

Luxury means enjoying unique experiences and one-off opportunities to experience the exclusivity in every aspect. A few notable services that include from hiring private jets to renting luxury villas, from sourcing tickets to the BAFTAs to booking world-class restaurant like Chiltern Firehouse, and from the Dior show to an opening night on Broadway. The Power Club has partnered with several prestigious institutions to offer unique lifestyle experiences to its residents. It has partnered with the 330-years old GoodWood Estate is one of the unique features to entice its members. GoodWood Revival holds an annual carnival for car enthusiasts and others to enjoy classic car races, supercar showcases, golf and horse racing.

The Power Club app has been setting a new standard for the luxury concierge services in London as it can be used for pleas for help and advice. Since residents started moving into Circus West Village, the residents have established groups and clubs to come forward to help and know each other better. Besides creating a bond with each other through clubs like a book club, social club, tennis club, salsa club, and gym club; people can also connect through Power Club app for any matter of concern.

You can use this exclusive app to connect with others in your development and join together one of the many groups that have sprung up since the development. Depending upon your choices, you can go for wine tastings, film nights, football club, chess group, or be a part of tennis team.

The vision behind Battersea Power Station development is to deliver a sense of communal bonding. It is planned to be one of those landmark projects, where there was a vibrant sense of community so that residents got to know each other and would create a village feel. Though some people may prefer being distant from neighbours but a majority of people like to create a bond with neighbours in a city that can often feel unfriendly.

Battersea Power Station – A property club

The idea behind creating this family-friendly development was that people would consider it as an extension of the home, and an opportunity to make and meet new friends here. People come out on weekends and head off together to one of the restaurants or cafes around that offer breakfasts or brunches all day. A new village is taking shape and the philosophy behind is to experience an enhanced lifestyle there.

The Spring Spa…

While running the day-to-day errands is usual for everyday consumers, a different class of service is available to those who live in Battersea Power Station. The valued residents can enquire the Power Club staff about anything related to The Spring Spa. It is a luxury spa and wellness club that is located on the Battersea Power Station development and includes a 20-m long swimming pool, treatment rooms, a fully-fitted fitness centre, wellness suites and dedicated relaxation spots.

The Spring Spa is spread over 10,000 sq. ft. space, in the Circus West Village and is run by a team of professionals.

Your ticket to almost everything…

The luxury concierge service by the Power Club can get you pretty much anything including unforgettable “money-can’t-buy-experiences”. A few such services comprise of reserving a table at one of the world’s finest hotels in London to offering VIP access to events like Coachella, Glastonbury and the Cannes Film Festival.

Private dinner booking…

Residents can log into the Power Club app and book from the numerous amenities available on-site. The app is the ultimate tool to unlock every moment of life at Battersea Power Station. Fancy a private dinner at the Riverhouse in Circus West? Invite your friends over and enjoy unparalleled service at the comfort of your own home.

Exclusive room service…

When the developer starts handing over apartments in Phase 3 of Battersea Power Station, the residents will experience numerous resort-style amenities along with state-of-the-art facilities. For instance, the residents of Battersea Roof Gardens will have access to room service while enjoying the perks of living in a 5-star hotel. Art Otel Battersea will feature a rooftop pool and will invite residents to experience superior living in the form of serviced hotel rooms for guests, yoga sessions at the top of Battersea Roof Gardens and a membership to a private hotel club.

For people living in the Battersea Power Station development, it takes only one click to book one of the extensive social lounges for their personal entertainment such as the screening room, the library, the games room or the screening room.

Hiring professionals with power club…

Flagship gym, yoga studio, steam rooms, sauna and Jacuzzi are already available for the residents. However, now you can stay fit and healthy (both physically and mentally) without leaving your home, as some instructors are ready to offer their services through private hire and personal training services right in your home. Choose the service yourself; be it is training with BMF, boxing or body and mental health care with yoga and Pilates.

If you want to be a part of this luxury Power Club, you must contact the team Copperstones at +44 203 888 5555 in order to inquire about available properties in Battersea Power Station.

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