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Is this the perfect time to buy property in London?

Is this the perfect time to buy property in London?

Is this theperfect time to buy property in London?

Is there an optimum time to acquire property in London? Real estate in the city has been experiencing some fluctuations recently but investors should not be reluctant. It is actually a good thing.

Responding to political uncertainty, London house prices have been reaching new lows but where does that leave investors? Our team advises investing in London now since it will be soon when prices go up again.

During this time, London – a rather pricey high-end market for premium players – can be within reach for many new investors. Sellers and developers are now accepting the reality of the market and with that comes a discount in prices.

Besides the new market situation in place, seasonality plays an important role in the psychology of sellers. Spring and summer are traditionally the best times to sell a property, so investors need to be on the lookout for fresh properties coming into the market. It’s good to remember that after October the market usually slows down so if you want to make a move, your time is now.

Asking prices might still astonish you, however, don’t forget there might be lower prices ahead. Homeowners are likely to negotiate, especially as we are getting closer to summer when the market often dies down and their property is likely to stay on the market for longer than they planned.

Considering the economic backdrop right now, it is best for potential buyers to assess the value of the property taking into account all the facts. Besides the price and the market appraisal, properties that hold social, artistic or emotional importance can be proven amazing investment opportunities. For example, Battersea Power Station is an iconic project that is transforming Battersea and Nine Elms, via the creation of a new upscale neighbourhood. Valued at £1.6bn, the actual Power Station will house the new Apple campus as well as some of the most extravagant penthouses in London. World-renowned design and architecture excellence brought by Frank Gehry and Foster+ Partners bestow prestige on the development while also adding timeless value and artistic significance in every apartment sold in the development.

It’s important to also note that off-market opportunities are still very ‘hot’ with overseas investors. Copperstones specialises in sourcing rare properties in London for overseas buyers. Our long-standing network provides us with a healthy stream of off-market properties your portfolio can greatly benefit from.

If you are looking to invest in London’s prime property market, Copperstones has over 25 years experience in the capital with two offices in Central London and an impressive track record of premium property acquisitions and disposals. Call us today on +44 203 888 5555 or email us at enquiries(at)copperstones(dotted)net to book your first investment consultation.

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