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Smart home: 5 super useful apps

Smart home: 5 super useful apps

Smart home:5 super useful apps

With the advance of IoT, VR and AI, real estate is quickly embracing smart home technology for ultimate comfort and convenience. The global smart home market is forecast to reach more than $53 billion by 2022. Managing temperatures, lighting and tidiness is now just one click away. Here are five super useful apps to get you started:

Warm & toasty

Nest keeps your home warm and toasty by letting you adjust and program the temperature of your home on-the-go, as long as you have an internet connection. Keep track of your spending with a daily and monthly report, scheduling how and when you use the app. It also doubles up as a remote baby monitor and pet camera for ultimate usage.

Light & airy

Light not only brightens your mood but it is said to also promote healing at the cellular level. Science aside, the HUE app works with Apple HomeKit technology, allowing you to call out to Siri to control light levels in your home. You can automate the shade of light, from bright light to wake you up in the morning, cool daylight tones, and warm night lights for a relaxed vibe. For an enhanced experience, simply sync lights with your entertainment and music.

Enjoy & entertain

If you’re after an immersive experience, opt for Savant. The app lets you switch from Apple TV, cable, blu-ray and Sonos, among other entertainment options on your smartphone. It can connect to other smart home systems such as lighting, to set a ‘scene’. By setting up your A/V equipment and lighting, you can save this as ‘movie night,’ playing with other options to create other ambiences according to your taste.

Wet & Watered

Ensure your gardens and balconies are watered by controlling your sprinklers, using Blossom, setting different levels for different zones. With a built-in weather analytics, the self-program based on real-time weather data intuits when to water plants. For example, when it rains, sprinklers will turn off.

Smart & sanitary

Ever wished you could click your fingers for the hoovering to be done for you? Well your wish is iRobot’s command. Whether you’re home or away, this little hoover independently cleans your home, detecting corners. The iRobot HOME App tells you how full the bin is and when it should be emptied.

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