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What Makes Downtown Dubai the Most Favourite Address?

What Makes Downtown Dubai the Most Favourite Address?

What Makes Downtown Dubai the Most Favourite Address?

Dubai is synonymous with luxury living complemented with upscale facilities and the swankiest developments spread across the city. Besides having a year-long summer season and pristine beaches, Dubai boasts an impressive real estate market coupled with a strong infrastructure and growing economy. The city is dotted with a number of posh residential areas that can be distinguished from each other based on their distinct outlook.

It is one of the most modern residential areas that has been holding the crown of the “best place” to live in Dubai is Downtown Dubai. Besides being the most enviable residential hub in the city, it boasts the most popular tourist spots such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, Dubai Opera, and the Dubai Mall. From the world’s largest mall to the world’s highest tower and from swankiest residential developments to the classic restaurants and hotels – Downtown Dubai holds a unique charm for the tourists and residents alike. Let’s analyze the advantages of living at this iconic place in detail and see why it is worth being there.

Downtown – The centre of Dubai

As the name depicts, Downtown Dubai is the epicentre of the city; as it is home to the world’s best tourist attractions and is the hub of fun and recreational activities. The area is not just renowned amongst residents for posh developments and upscale facilities but equally popular among tourists for offering the world’s best tourist attractions. This is why; Downtown Dubai always remains busy throughout the year. It offers the world’s best and the most luxury apartments featuring premium facilities and seeing the demand, several villas have also been added there for wealthy people looking for bigger space.

A meticulously planned residential development

If you are a savvy investor and looking for luxury properties in Dubai to invest in – Downtown Dubai is one of the first options to consider. The entire development is beautifully conceptualized and every A-class facility is provided for the residents within the development such as shopping malls, recreational spots, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and schools. This is what makes more and more people interested in properties in Downtown Dubai, who want nothing less than the best. Moreover, the developer keeps adding a fresh batch of attractions and residential properties to give new reasons to people to hold onto Downtown Dubai.

Proximity to landmarks

Whenever tourists visit Dubai, watching the iconic fountain show, visiting the stellar Burj Khalifa, and roaming in Dubai Mall are always on their to-do list. Now imagine, seeing Burj Khalifa from your window and watching the fountain show while sipping coffee from your mug. Isn’t it fantasizing? This is the biggest charm of living in Downtown Dubai that you are living so close to landmarks that people plan to visit.

Working with a wrong team

Hiring the wrong team to get a winning deal is nothing but a disaster. Not every real estate agency understands off plan properties in UK and not every agent knows the dynamics of off plan developments. Instead of roaming around and falling prey to a rookie, conduct your research, ask for references, check the track record and most importantly, do not fall for “Trust me, I will take care of it for you”. Even though they return you every call initially, do not work with the wrong team and invest in a property that is available on discount. Copperstones Properties have an extensive portfolio of off plan properties in UK and several key destinations around the world. Get in touch with us and discuss your investment plans and our experts will curate a customized investment plan for you.

Proximity to business hubs

Downtown Dubai is equally popular among tourists and professionals alike. It is because Downtown Dubai holds a central position in the city as it is not just close to the tourist attractions but also in proximity to key business hubs. Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and Business Bay – the two most prominent business hubs are located close to this place. It means you will not just have luxurious accommodation in Dubai but being close to the companies that have offices in the above-mentioned business hubs.

The finest eateries are nearby

If you are a foodie and like to explore what Dubai offers, it is a must to try restaurants and cafes located in proximity to Downtown Dubai on Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. The place features the world’s finest restaurants and cafes to tantalize your taste buds with the world’s best treats. You can find everything from ice cream to milkshakes and from mouth-watering stakes to buffets and from casual cafés to fine-dining romantic restaurants. In short, Downtown Dubai has something for everyone, every occasion, and every mood.

After all, it's about posh living in Dubai

It is not wrong if we say that Downtown Dubai is designed for those who have the finest taste in everything. This area attracts expats because it offers superlative living complemented with world-class amenities and modern attractions and attractive lifestyle facilities. The central location appeals to most residents as it is surrounded by a plethora of high-end retail outlets, an eccentric nightlife, high-quality healthcare facilities, convenience stores, and excellent recreational options available within the vicinity.

Now, if you are interested in buying villas or apartments in Downtown Dubai, you can contact Copperstones because we have years of experience and know much about the ups and downs of the Dubai realty market. Pick up your phone and call us or leave us a message and one of our professionals will get back to you as soon as possible.

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